Mission Plus 1

Helping Keep America's Superheroes on the Planet

On average, 22 American veterans commit suicide each day.

That's 22 too many. GTM wants to be a resource for those veterans struggling with thoughts of suicide. This is that outreach.

Once a troop has left combat, they need additional support acclimating to civilian life. Mp1 provides support and care for as many of these individuals as possible

Mp1 is Phase 2 of TS4T. Providing additional mental, physical, and support to ensure the health of each individual troop that we supply. This includes traveling to hospitals, hosting events, armories, and finding those individuals who are in need.

One of our wounded told us, as he was helping one of his brothers that was contemplating suicide, “Never lack the courage to reach out.” If every one of us reaches out, we can make a difference in those 22 lives.

There is hope! And Mp1 strives to be one of those resources for those who need us.

We welcome your input on this new endeavor for us.