Tee Shirts 4 Troops

Super Hero Shirts for America's Super Heroes

T Shirts 4 Troops was started by three traveling musicians who while on a USO tour visited the wounded in a hospital.

"It was hard not to cry, seeing America's Best with only fatigues and hospital robes while recouping," said Debbie. "So we got informed and found out that US troops, after they have been wounded, are flown to Germany and they have to wait for their duffle bags to catch up with them. So the Chaplains and their wives got busy and started buying clothes to give to the troops and put a smile and some dignity back in their lives," Lavon said.

For the past eight years this organization has been busy providing 18,000+ T's for America's finest. Because music is so near to their roots, TS4T has also set up 15 musical therapy rooms and gifted several hundred musical instruments to wounded troops.

T Shirts 4 Troops needs your help to continue serving those who give us their all. Donations will provide Tshirts, sponsor a trip to visit the troops, or provide equipment needed for the wounded in their day-to-day activities. They have already met over 11,000 combat-injured troops. With your help, that number will continue to climb!

Help TS4T continue the mission of bringing Tshirts, joy, and the appreciation of a nation to our wounded heroes.

To find out more about TS4T, we welcome you to visit http://www.tshirts4troops.org/